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Portfolios That Outperform Thumbnail

Portfolios That Outperform

Everyone loves a winner and Ridgeback Capital Management (RCM) is no different.

That’s why we carefully allocate our clients’ assets and seek to find winning strategies to help them meet their financial goals. One of our successful strategies for clients’ retirement accounts has been to select a high performing model portfolio from Frontier Asset Management. In fact, Wyoming-based Frontier Asset Management was named the winner of the 2019 Manager and Strategist of the Year awards by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine, and Best Places to Work in money management in 2022 by Pensions & Investments today.

Why is Frontier a sub-adviser for Ridgeback?

Frontier’s metrics are consistent and impressive. We can see the firm’s 22-year actual performance record of actively managed, well-defined performance objectives that include long-term targets and limits on risk. Since its launch, Frontier Globally Diversified Strategies has a track record of outpacing its respective blended benchmarks, on average, 85% of the time over rolling three-year time periods.

We choose to work with Frontier because RCM investment philosophies are closely aligned with Frontier’s proven strategies. Year after year, these strategies benefit our clients in that they are highly diversified and managed within established ranges that ensure broad asset-class exposure.

Our clients love being associated with a winner as well, especially when they realize this portfolio partnership does not cost them anything extra; Ridgeback Capital Management covers all sub-adviser fees.  As we look at the big picture on behalf of each RCM client, we remind them that choosing and staying with proven, successful strategies will help them achieve their long-term financial goals.