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Our Services


  • Schedule semi-annual meetings with you to review and evaluate investment performance, update financial objectives and re-balance your portfolio.

  • Provide recommendations on employer-provided retirement plans and review company benefit programs to help you maximize insurance, stock options, restricted stock and deferred compensation.


  • Conducting a comprehensive review of your tax return to highlight opportunities for tax reduction strategies.

  • Provide a tax cost basis and offer a complimentary consultation with your tax return preparer.

  • Recommending tax solutions including tax-advantaged investments.

  • Staying up to date and explaining new tax laws and incorporating changes needed.


  • Age-specific projections of accumulated assets and retirement income.

  • Continual recommendations on how to fund your income needs and help maintain a comfortable standard of living.

  • Recommendations regarding the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plans and IRAs.


  • Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns.

  • Free consultation with your attorney.

  • Assistance in transferring assets to your Living Trust or other trusts.

  • Guiding with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one.

Identifying Risk Tolerance

At Ridgeback Capital Management, we know everyone has a different comfort level of risk, and that it will change over time. By partnering with Riskalyze, we can go beyond the simple stereotypes of conservative to aggressive - instead, your investments can be matched to your best interests and proven quantitatively.

Learn more about your Riskalyze and your risk number HERE

Get Started on Your Journey To Peak Performance

Ridgeback Capital Management offers you a free consultation, where we will hear about your life goals, and explore a supportive partnership. These conversations can help ease the worry about potentially outliving your money. In addition, you will likely experience a sense of relief – and accomplishment --when you can view a simplified snapshot of your personal financial position summarized on one page.

SCHEDULE A Free Consultation