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Understanding Ridgeback: The Inspiration Behind Our Name Thumbnail

Understanding Ridgeback: The Inspiration Behind Our Name

Inspiration from the Mountains

As may be obvious from our “Peak Performance” efficiency-focus and logo, the mountains are a source of inspiration at Ridgeback Capital Management. Admittedly, I am merely an avid armchair mountaineer whose mountain climbing experience has been limited to hiking and photography. However, I have a respect for the unpredictability of the mountains and how they lend themselves to financial parallels.

The peak provides a natural focal point

Mountains seem to possess an invisible magnet, accompanied by the lure of enchantment and great reward for those who reach the top. In wealth building, and in life, we all seek that mountaintop experience, while reminding ourselves that life happens along the way. Ridgeback Capital Management recognizes that each journey is unique for each of our clients; some are in a hurry to get to the peak at any risk and others want to enjoy carefully planned side trips along the way. While we may pursue different pathways toward our individualized goals, we have a single focus: making and monitoring a plan for Peak Performance that facilitates an enjoyable journey. It is important to appreciate the ridgeback vistas going up the mountain, as you prepare for retirement, and on the way back down again as you travel along many new paths.

Technical skills and judgment really matter

In financial matters, many choose to blaze their own trail, but others realize that venturing into unknown territory is easier with a guide. At Ridgeback Capital Management, we consider it an honor to share our experience with each of our mountain climbers, knowing there is a sense of trust and confidence in being tethered to a trained leader who has been there before – on many occasions. As a CPA-based financial planning firm, we can offer both financial planning and tax expertise to thereby serve as a more comprehensive trail guide. We are passionate about building relationships, providing training and offering resources.

The journey will be simultaneously daunting and exhilarating

Mountains represent both peaks and valleys, with spots requiring hikers to occasionally change direction, cross a stream without a bridge, or take a brief retreat to regroup. No mountain climbers are immune to occasional obstacles. Our mission at Ridgeback is to earn trust by connecting with our clients in a meaningful way that allows us to come alongside them and provide a fiduciary standard of care along the journey. We make it a priority to strategize during client meetings, seeking inspiration through successes along the way. For many, reaching the summit becomes the halfway point toward getting back down the mountain and pursuing new goals. Likewise, since protection is a critical priority during the retirement journey, Ridgeback is poised to advise course corrections to avoid hazards such as running out of money and mitigating volatility. Having been on the mountain under a variety of conditions, we understand the value of sound advice, training and preparation.

Which peak are you aiming for? How Ridgeback Capital Management can help you get there. 

- Michael Kuznicki